20t Winch




The Alfabs Winches have been designed to provide the optimum solution for the installation and removal of AFC chain during the longwall relocation process and conveyor belt installations. The Winches have been designed to be transported by a range of current industry standard large LHD machines; The 10t and 20t Winches design incorporates the use of a QDS plate or locking tabs on the 50t Winch to secure the Winch to the machine to prevent movement during transport.
SWL: 20,000kg
Tare Weight:
– 4,150kg (empty)
– 4,500kg (Fibre Rope)
– 7,250kg (Wire Rope)
Width: 2,560mm
Length: 2,400mm
Height: 1,560mm
Cable Size: (Fibre) 32mm Amsteel Blue
Cable Size: (Wire Core) 32mm 6×21 RHOL WRC
Maximum Rope Capacity: 350 Meters

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